Gally's Farm

The farmhouse at Gally’s Farm (La Ferme de Gally) is an elegant building nestling in the midst of its acres of land, yet not far from Versailles. For over a thousand years, farming has been a way of life here, and has given pleasure to everyone living in the Ile-de-France area.

The history of La Ferme de Gally is closely linked with the history of the plains surrounding Versailles. The farm has been supplying the area with agricultural, horticultural and market-garden produce since 1163, and the Laureau family, farmers in the Ile-de-France region since 1746, have been farming this land since the middle of the twentieth century.

Today, Dominique and Xavier Laureau are continuing the family tradition, whilst at the same time developing new activities for companies and private individuals. “Our values stem from our roots in farming. Day after day, we practise simple, sincere, responsible farming. Whether we’re growing healthy, tasty produce or thinking up new ways of developing urban biodiversity, our primary aim is always to promote love and respect for nature,» says Xavier. “We are also raising town-dwellers’ awareness of the seasons, encouraging them to respect the passage of time, and giving them a taste of the satisfaction that results from a job well done.”

‘La Cueillette de Gally’ is a large kitchen-garden open to anyone who wants to experience and share the pleasures of harvesting their food themselves. From April to November, young and not-so-young come to pick seasonal fruit, vegetables and flowers, all grown using responsible farming techniques. “Parents are reminded of their childhood as they carry out remembered activities and recognise familiar tastes, and enjoy passing them on to their children.”