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The Public Sector Accounting Standards Council

CNOCP Comments to IPSAS Board Consultations

The CNOCP answers systematically to IPSAS Board Discussion Papers, Consultation Papers and Exposure Drafts.

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CNOCP Comments to Other International Public Consultations

The CNOCP uses to answer to International Public Consultations bound to the Standard-Setting for the Public Sector.

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Classification of IPSAS Standards

The objective of the document is to provide an in-depth review of IPSASs in the context of the future development of EPSASs

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The Handbook of International Public Sector Accounting Pronouncements, 2015 Edition of the IPSAS Board has been translated into French by the CNOCP. The two French IFAC Members, the Compagnie nationale des commissaires aux comptes and the Conseil supérieur de l'Ordre des experts-comptables lend their support to this Work.

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